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Wisedocs, Wrapped: A Year Looking Back at Wisedocs’ Team

Here are some of Wisedocs' most exciting accomplishments this year!

Published on:
December 19, 2022

For any company growing in the technology space, a year can fly by — and for us at Wisedocs, 2022 has been a whirlwind of conferences, connections, and milestones. From meeting new people to growing our team, we found customers, shared stories, and expanded our impact on the claims, insurance, and technology industries as a whole. 

Here are some of our most exciting accomplishments this year:

Wisedocs hit the insurtech, workers' compensation, and risk conference scene

With 2022 marking the return of the ‘in person’ tech conference, our team headed out to attend a number of conferences in the claims and insurance industry. These conferences were a great way to connect with senior leaders, meet with customers, learn more about what other players in the space are up to, and have some discussions about change. 

This year, we took part in a number of industry conferences, including visits to:

Wisedocs celebrated (and added to) our fast-growing insurtech team

2022 was an exciting time to grow. With our team now 40 strong, we enjoyed some first ‘workaversaries’ with Michael, Amy, and Samiha, brought on Alex and Karishma to our business development team as well as added key and amazing leadership team members, such as Doug Markham and Atif Khan. Beyond that, we made plenty of time to be social and connect as a team - both virtually and in-person.

This spring we held a fully virtual team event, had our customer success team hack their way out of a horror themed escape room, and attended a Blue Jays game in-person for our end of summer offsite. We also enjoyed playing some games together at the Rec Room in Toronto, and sent one lucky Wisedocs winner to watch the Toronto Maple Leafs

With our Wisedocs Brain Power series, we got to know more about team members like Austin, our financial and administrative coordinator, Olivia, one of our QA leads, and Rajiv, our lead machine learning engineer, and Amy, our newly promoted marketing associate.

Wisedocs shared the details on how our customers use our medical record review platform

This year we connected with our customers — and it showed! Thanks to collaborations with some of our users, we were able to create case studies of how real companies in the claims and disabilities industry saved time using Wisedocs. These Wisedocs users saw dramatic improvements in their workflows and processing times, were able to go fully paperless, and eliminate repetitive work. Thanks to their input, we’re now able to provide tangible examples of how our product can save time and money in the medical claims space, which we hope to continue doing in 2023.

Wisedocs learned from (and hosted!) the experts in the medical record review space

At Wisedocs, we’re passionate about improving the insurance, claims, and disability industries — which is why we’ve created Talking Wisely: The Wisedocs Podcast. Hosted by our founder and CEO Connor Atchison, as well as Head of Revenue and Growth Jenna Earnshaw, our Wisedocs team hosts industry experts across the insurance, medical, legal, medicolegal, and independent medical evaluation industries. 

Thanks to these connections, we’ve been able to provide insights into the insurtech industry and share all of the exciting changes and growth in the space!

Wisedocs is looking forward to 2023

2022 has been a busy year! Whether it’s conferences, social events, or storytelling with the experts, we’re proud of how much we’ve been able to do and how far we’ve come. With so much to celebrate, we can’t wait to see what 2023 will bring!

Kristen Campbell
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