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Axis Administrative Services leverages Wisedocs to optimize document processing workflows and serve various industries

By leveraging Wisedocs, Axis Administrative Services has saved time & money, boosted employee satisfaction, and ultimately expanded its business.

Published on:
September 14, 2022

Axis provides the best medicolegal records product to IME Evaluators and Medical Experts using Wisedocs

While IME vendors provide services to insurance carriers and law firms, Axis Administrative Services provides services to support the IME Evaluators and Medical Experts themselves to produce best in class medicolegal records ready for evaluation. 

Axis fills two main gaps in the medicolegal space by helping IME Evaluators and Medical Experts with their administrative workload, which initially was ripe manual work. By partnering with Wisedocs however, Axis automated several repetitive tasks and is expanding outside the medical evaluations industry to directly support legal and claims professionals through Axis Medicolegal Services (AMLS). 

Axis sees higher employee productivity with Wisedocs while delivering a superior end product

Prior to using Wisedocs, employees at Axis would manually tag, group, describe, and sort medical files. Now, Wisedocs’ artificial intelligence saves Axis time by automatically sorting/indexing documents while still giving employees the flexibility to code, describe, group, and move documents to tailor the final product to their clients’ needs.

The Wisedocs platform makes document processing easy and enjoyable

Wisedocs delivers an intuitive user experience while keeping the participants and challenges of the medicolegal- and claims industries in mind. Instead of manually sorting & bookmarking documents, Axis employees now enjoy leveraging Wisedocs AI to customize workflows that organize documents for them based on their clients’ needs, while also collaborating with the Wisedocs support team to make their processes as efficient as possible. 

After attempting to create my own system back in 2008 for electronically sorting the medicolegal files and years after searching for a company or system that could do what I was trying to accomplish, I was blown away by what I saw with Wisedocs.  The user interface was easy to understand and could do what we ultimately were looking for and then some.Kristi Baird, Owner

Wisedocs analyzes and reviews records that clients appreciate, while also increasing business profitability

Medical experts rave about the records delivered by Axis, specifically the hyperlinked ‘Table of Contents’ section assembled for each document. The end product allows evaluators to work more efficiently, reducing the number of hours they need to spend reviewing the file and ultimately bringing down the overall cost per case. 

Wisedocs enables Axis to analyze best in class medical records in record time

What screams success louder than the expansion of one’s business? After their success within the medical evaluations space, Axis will now use the workflows built and foundation laid in Wisedocs to expand its business to organize, QA, and tailor records files for legal and claims professionals through Axis Medicolegal Services. You can learn more about Kristi and her company on our recent episode of Talking Wisely, the Wisedocs podcast.

Want similar gains for your business in personnel, productivity, and profitability? Get in touch with Wisedocs’ experts for a demo.

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