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Wisedocs launches new AI Medical Summary Platform!
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Wisedocs is the smart way to review medical records

We provide the back-office brainpower with our artificial intelligence platform for insurance, legal, and independent medical evaluation firms to review medical records with ease.

Wisedocs is trusted by those who review medical records
What Can Wisedocs do for you?

Industry-Leading Platform

Wisedocs' document processing platform features enable insurance companies, independent medical evaluation firms, and legal entities to process claims with more speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Medical Chronologies
Automatic organized medical records by date, service provider, title, and category.
Wisedocs enables an automated medical record workflow.
Automatic page deduplication saving up to 30% of your time and money processing extra pages.
Intelligent OCR
Fully searchable medical record, using our proprietary intelligent OCR.
Medical Insights
Extract key clinical information in real-time through the Wisedocs platform.
Dedicated Support
Creating seamless onboarding to get you up and running in a matter of days
Workflow integration

Easily integrate Wisedocs into your claims workflow

The administrative hurdles with medical record reviews and sorting can be a challenge. Wisedocs has made automating medical record reviews a breeze for insurance, legal, and medical firms.

medical record review

Save up to 30% of your time processing records

1. Upload Files
Upload your files in seconds and let Wisedocs do the rest with our automated workflows - set it and forget it!
2. Review Files
Wisedocs will create an organized medical record index with insights based on your custom needs.
3. Analyze and Export
Get important insights and easily searchable and indexible records pulled from the medical record review and intelligent summary.
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Why We Started Wisedocs
"Processing complex medical records for any aspect of the insurance ecosystem is laborious and error-addled work. Reviews could be automated, yet the industry has remained largely unchanged."
Connor Atchison
Founder and CEO

Medical records made easy

Claims loves Wisedocs! Check out our case studies on how Wisedocs makes medical record reviews a breeze.

Saving time: 6 hours manually, 45 minutes with Wisedocs

"Wisedocs has helped save us innumerable hours by allowing us to streamline and sort our document maintenance process. The Wisedocs team have been courteous and quick to follow up with any inquiries we have had. Highly recommended."

Nick Winsor

SIMAC Canada
70% streamlining of medical records

"The difference with using Wisedocs is night and day. One person is able to organize, catalogue, and if necessary redact information from files that can be thousands of pages long in a fraction of the time they'd need manually."

Dr. Damien Marion

CVE, Inc.
Document processing happens up to 70% faster with Wisedocs
I can only say what I experience regarding time saved based on the fact that I can create the same ‘product’ [with Wisedocs] in less than half the time I can do it manually.

IME Firm

Wisedocs is a compliant and certified company
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