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Independent Medical Evaluation firm’s document processing happens up to 70% faster with Wisedocs

A small, independent medical evaluation (IME) company headquartered in Ontario, Canada was relying on manual document processing for claims and medical records.

Published on:
June 8, 2022

A small, independent medical evaluation (IME) company headquartered in Ontario, Canada was relying on manual document processing for claims and medical records. They pride themselves in superior, defensible medical reports. They strive for high-quality reports & relationships with medical assessors, which they deliver through precise, efficient document processing and by continuously refining their system workflow to cut costs and save time, so much so that they saved the salary of one full-time employee by leveraging the Wisedocs platform for their medical records processing.

What is an Independent Medical Evaluator

An independent medical evaluator (IME) is an objective, third-party medical examination or assessment conducted to determine whether a claimant’s case is legally accurate. Independent medical evaluations is an industry plagued with hours of manual work and in turn, high margins of error. IME firms are made up of independent medical evaluators who examine the documentation surrounding a claim.

The IME firm that partners with Wisedocs has established itself as a leader nationwide by producing medical reports that are viewed as high quality, as well as reliable and credible in the eyes of the law. To accomplish this, the IME firm enables their highly skilled staff with the right tools to mine and organize medical data, partnering with experienced assessors, and utilizing their extensive network of accredited medical specialists. This IME firm focuses on quality and as a result are the preferred vendor for many of the largest insurance companies in auto, life, and disability insurance lines. The assessments of IME firms are often CARP certified.

Compiling medical data used to be cost-intensive

The traditional way to compile medical data to send to assessors is the manual way – you have a full-time employee doing the tedious work of document processing:

  • Abstracting medical records for a given case
  • Preparing a medical record summary
  • Deleting duplicates and
  • Organizing and reorganizing documents to then send to medical assessors

All while the IME may be feeling a little nervous that they may have deleted an important document or resent a duplicate file. Employees in the independent medical evaluation and insurance fields experience high turnover.The manual work required to sift and compile medical data is cost- and time-intensive. Not only do many companies hire full-time roles to handle the document processing, but they also lose the opportunity to invest the same efforts and time into activities that could grow the company.

Wisedocs’ features built with the medical assessment industry in mind

As per an IME firm partnered with Wisedocs, they state they“had a lot of companies pitch their document sorting software over the years, but none have ever come close to what Wisedocs has to offer,” over a call with our support team.

Wisedocs has taken the time to understand the customer journey of employees at busy, independent, medical evaluation companies to eliminate pain points. The goal of Wisedocs is to create a future where working with medical records efficiently is the standard, not an anomaly. Wisedocs creates a robust, user-friendly functionality that saves IME firma costs associated with document processing, while also minimizing errors and supporting secure best practices that are HIPAA compliant. The platform not only makes compiling files for medical assessors a more productive, and pleasant endeavour, but also enables them to spend less time per case overall, by leveraging artificial intelligence to continually learn how to better index, organize, and sort through medical records to prepare successful medical briefs.

Superior reports in less than half the time taken previously

I can only say what I experience regarding time saved based on the fact that I can create the same ‘product’ [with Wisedocs] in less than half the time I can do it manually.”

Before using Wisedocs, IME  employees at this specific firm spent a lot of time manually abstracting medical records, tagging and sorting medical data, removing duplicates, creating multiple document lists, and formatting files before sending them to medical assessors. Wisedocs has allowed the IME firm to simplify their workflows. Here are some of the firm’s best practices when using the Wisedocs platform:

  • Upload case files and let Wisedocs’ platform automatically index the files for them, making document tagging & sorting a breeze.
  • Use the ‘keyword search’ functionality to search case medical data for specific medications and duplicates.
  • Leverage artificial intelligence that automatically tags files with preferred naming protocols, so employees don’t have to manually do the same work over and over again.
  • Remove duplicates safely and accurately without compromising the integrity of the medical brief, giving employees peace of mind, and meaning assessors don’t charge them extra.
  • Create multiple versions of document sets for a given case, making it easier to share new files and a new medical record summary for assessors to access without flipping through older files or hundreds of pages.

Wisedocs’ understanding of a case’s journey from claim to insurance decision enables the platform to provide a seamless and integrated experience for IME firms.

Wisedocs has had a significant impact on automating document processing for independent medical evaluators

Wisedocs has enabled this IME firm to consistently deliver medical briefs that are a cut above the rest in their industry. Since piloting the platform as Wisedocs’ first client, they have seen document processing happen 50% - 70% faster than when processed manually.

Finally! That was my reaction when first introduced to the Wisedocs’ (previously BEAR) document management system. Finally, a development team that understands what a properly sorted and tabbed medical brief should look like. Finally, an intelligent software that actually delivers on its promises. And finally, a development team truly dedicated to working with its clients, taking feedback and addressing concerns in a continual effort to improve upon the efficiencies of their product.

Can your IME firm benefit from processing medical records up to 70% faster?

“If we don’t have Wisedocs we can’t do it - we won’t go back to manual brief sorting.”

If interested in seeing the same productivity gains for your business, contact the Wisedocs team to get a demo.

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