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Wisedocs’ Brain Power: Meet Amy Mingopoulos, Marketing Associate

We will meet Amy Mingopoulos, our newly promoted Marketing Associate.

Published on:
October 27, 2022

At Wisedocs, we’re building a stellar team and we’re proud to introduce our team members over time through our monthly Wisedocs’ Brain Power series. Recently, we introduced you to Austin Gallant, Wisedocs’ Financial & Administrative Coordinator. Today, we will meet Amy Mingopoulos, our newly promoted Marketing Associate.

Let’s get to know Amy Mingopoulos of Wisedocs! 

Amy has always been drawn to the healthcare field, originally completing an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Waterloo

After placements within the healthcare field, she joined Wisedocs on the  Quality Assurance (QA) team, initially as a Junior Medical Documentation Specialist and was shortly promoted to Medical Documentation Specialist. Throughout her interaction with the product and customers, Amy rediscovered her passion for marketing and began engaging in marketing activities. Now, as Wisedocs’ Marketing Associate, she is responsible for creating opportunities and activities that drive engagement. To complement her new role, Amy enrolled in University of Toronto’s Digital Marketing Management certification program.

Amy loves to discover new restaurants in the city, bake delicious recipes, and take on crocheting projects. 

Tell us about your career so far, Amy. What brought you to Marketing?

“I was working as an ophthalmology assistant in a clinic when COVID-19 hit and the transition to online and remote work began. I stepped in to support the development of our website, which resulted in greater accessibility for our patients.  

Through that experience I found a new passion in promoting our clinic as well as designing and branding our business.” 

What sparked your interest in the tech startup world?

“I stumbled across a job posting with Wisedocs that offered a unique and interesting position that was remote–I was intrigued. I felt way out of my comfort zone! I took a chance and applied. I was eager to learn and dive into a new field and dip my toes into the startup world!” 

Tell us about your experience so far working at Wisedocs

“One of the things that drew me to Wisedocs was how much I would be able to learn and grow. I loved their company's product and while it was a new industry for me, I could quickly see the value and the impact of its platform. I love working for such a mission driven organization.”  

When employees connect with their organization's mission, they are more engaged, and their organizations are more profitable. At Wisedocs, we’re all working together to achieve our mission of creating a more positive experience for insurance companies, legal firms, healthcare providers, and their claimants.

“I first started at Wisedocs on the QA team as a Medical Documentation Specialist in 2021. I was able to transition over to the marketing department and I couldn’t be happier. I’m grateful to work in a supportive culture where everyone champions your growth and wants to see you succeed”. 

Share with us a day in the life of Wisedocs' Marketing Associate

“An average day in marketing is very different and always changing.” 

Common tasks and projects for a marketing associate such as Amy include:

  • Building marketing partnerships through outreach, research, and discussions
  • Creating and releasing content for our social platforms to promote what we’re doing and our team
  • Monitoring campaign activity for engagement and return on investment (ROI)
  • Weekly meetings to sync with sales, customer success, operations, data and the overall go-to-market team 

Which area of Wisedocs’ activities are you most proud to have worked on, to date? 

“Most recently I was able to put together a partnership with Insurance-Canada who we held our first off-page partnership webinar with! It was really amazing to see the beginning of a partnership from the very first meeting all the way through to the end product and to see that webinar transition into leads for the company. We were able to discuss Wisedocs’ story and how artificial intelligence impacts insurance carriers and the overall insurance ecosystem. The audience was in the insurance space and we had an engaged question and answer section plus qualified leads come through!” 

When employees feel ownership over their work, they are more engaged, more collaborative, and increase connection to the work. This is the kind of environment we’re building at Wisedocs. 

Take your next career step with Wisedocs

Amy is just one of the bright individuals that has chosen to build their career at Wisedocs. If you want to make a big impact on shaping the industry of intelligent document processing, we encourage you to apply for open roles in insurtech through  the Wisedocs careers page. We are always looking for great people to join our team!

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