Intelligence for Indexing

September 28, 2021

In 1994, HVE Healthcare Assessments was founded to provide independent health services to the private and public sector. When the pandemic struck, they found they needed to find some efficiencies as they went paperless and remote - like so many leading organisations did.

Going paperless

Paperless today means more than digital record-keeping. It's about creating a strategy for documentation and data processing that enables scalability and drives growth. It's about looking to customer futures and to new technologies, and it's about the nature of business organisation and clarity across value chains.

"Wisedocs has transformed the way we do business during the pandemic. It allows us to scale our business."
- Brian LeDrew, President at HVE Healthcare Assessment

Document Indexing is one way that Independent Medical Examiners can transform the way they do business. Electronic records promise the huge timesavings that are needed in scalable processing, but only if things like briefs, indices, summaries, and de-duplication become automatic processes with them - and only if quality and accuracy remain at the core of value delivery.

Automation leadership - the process

HVE is a leading independent health service that started to look at how Wisedocs could help them with instilling this kind of automation leadership. They looked at generating separate document indices for specific, individual clinicians, a modern, online, automated documentation process, and a processing structure for their thousands of documents into clear and organized medical briefs.

99% document accuracy rating and thousands saved from manual documentation reviews, with tabbed, searchable briefs in minutes.

Advanced document automation involves a number of steps. In document upload, HVE gathers disparate document sources into the Wisedocs web platform and uploads relevant information for the technology to index, organize, and de-duplicate. Typically this is done over a claimant's files, and in readiness for a quality assurance team and the assessor to review.

Assessor access then sees Medical Assessors given a document list index of all the relevant medical documentation, as well as some of the core information from relevant files and other features like pagination and summary.

As the IME Assessors and any clients exchange documentation, a briefing automation stage occurs, where Medical Briefs are amalgamated and a summary is created. And then finally in verification, WiseDocs Medical Briefs, DocLists and other Indexes are all assessed and verified automatically, readying them to be shared with HVE’s quality assurance team and with future assessors and any third-parties.

Speed, accuracy, and the time saved

Document automation for HVE Healthcare Assessments has helped HVE to achieve a 99% document accuracy rating and saved the company thousands from manual documentation reviews.

Before Wisedocs, it took HVE considerable time and manual effort to amalgamate lengthy medical briefs with multiple file formats. Now they create tabbed, hyperlinked, and searchable briefs automatically in minutes, without manually scanning and organizing any files.

Brian LeDrew, the President at HVE Healthcare Assessment, has said that "Wisedocs has transformed the way we do business during the pandemic. It allows us to scale our business. We are heavily invested in this process, and in Wisedocs' success."

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