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We want to build a future where working with medical records efficiently is the standard

Our mission is to erase the headache of manual work to create a more positive experience for insurance companies, legal firms, healthcare providers, and their claimants.

Wisedocs is medical record processing for the claims sector

We allow medical records and other data to be processed in real time, with advanced customizable machine learning outputs.

Founded in 2018, Wisedocs is at the forefront of AI-enabled optical character recognition and its platform is trained to organize and understand unstructured medical data for the IME, diagnostics, medico-legal, and insurance industries.

Connor Atchison
Founder and CEO
"Change needs to happen in this industry. Even if Wisedocs spares a claimant one extra day, one week, one month, one year less in grievances then we can improve peoples lives and gives them their autonomy back."
wisedocs leadership

Meet the brain power behind Wisedocs

Connor Atchison
Founder and CEO
Jenna Earnshaw
Co-Founder and COO
Doug Markham
Corporate Development and Strategy
Itay Mishan
Chief Technology Officer
Manal Abu-Shawar
Director of People
Stacy Collins
Vice President of Customer Operations
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