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Wisedocs is Canada's leading intelligent document processing platform for the medical industry.

Since 2018, Wisedocs has been using artificial intelligence to process medical documents for the Assessments industry and other sectors, and we have processed 7.5m of these to date. Our technology is focused on understanding and organising unstructured medical data, including medical records, test results, vaccine certificates, and more.

Enhance your human-powered workflows with customizable, intelligent document processing.

Thousands of pages, hundreds of documents, multiple sources. Processing documents is time consuming and often arduous. When you upload your documents to Wisedocs, we compile the data for you, highlighting what’s important and creating clearly indexed, accurate, and organized documents. We call this the Doc List.

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We help companies make sense of medical documents by providing improved health insights so people can live better lives at home and at work. Wisedocs is the technological reference and standard for reviewing and comprehending medical information.


We are a critical player in helping Independent Medical Evaluators, legal teams, and insurance providers lead the digital transformations of their back office processes.  

We see technology as a process enabler and have designed and built the Wisedocs technology stack to make the intake, organizing, and dissemination of case files easier.  

Our deep management and technical teams are surrounded by industry advisors and leaders who are helping us navigate opportunities for government and market partnerships to help Wisedocs solidify our position as an industry leader.

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