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Wisedocs hosts first virtual event as a remote-hybrid team in Canada and United States

52% of workers want a remote or hybrid work experience and creating camaraderie in virtual environments is important to Wisedocs.

Published on:
May 31, 2022

At Wisedocs, we’re building our vision for a future where working with medical records efficiently is the standard, not an anomaly. We know that to get there, it will take a lot of hustle, dedication, and most importantly, teamwork and collaboration.

To achieve these lofty goals , we need to build strong relationships across our organization and focus on team engagement as we form, storm and norm in these early days of Wisedocs. Equally important to the work we are doing, is carving out time for team bonding and social connections. With a recent raise of $4.1M, the team has now grown 40-strong and has no plans of stopping - including additions in the United States and further. This is why we launched our first ever fully virtual team event!

Whether it's virtual or in real life (IRL), making time to get together and share experiences is an important part of our hybrid workplace model at Wisedocs. 52% of workers want a remote or hybrid work experience, and creating that same camaraderie across borders, timezones, and virtual environments is important to us. Knowing that hybrid work,meaning, the option to work from home or come into the office should you wish to, will be an important part of our company going forward, we want to create meaningful opportunities for all our employees to connect, wherever they may be.

Creating meaningful experiences for the Wisedocs team

In our first (of many more to come) virtual employee event this May, Wisedocs celebrated with a minigame event. The event centered around a team building platform called Confetti…and we had a blast! Confetti allows you to engage with popular virtual activities like Taboo or Trivia as a team. They also offer virtual experiences like mixology and history classes.

See some of the Wisedocs team playing virtual mini games!

Some of the team at the virtual event!

For our event, we played a series of mini games, and each game resulted in employees collecting coins. We were then able to convert these coins into trees as part of Confetti’s "plant a tree donation" program. Here are some snapshots from our event:

We want to give a huge shout out to our incredible social committee who brought this event to life. As a collective, Wisedocs’ team donated 15 trees overall to contribute to reforestation. We had fun and helped the earth all at once, which is  a great success.

Movie trivia earning us some serious coins - and gaining tree donations!

One of the movie trivia questions that secured two trees!

Benefits of working at Wisedocs

On top of these employee engagement events, there are many great perks working at Wisedocs. These include our hybrid workplace, our competitive compensation, the opportunity for major career growth through our immersive learning environment and  professional development fund, and our employee-focused company experience.

Wisedocs is a fast-growing, seed stage startup, and our team is made up of startup and scaleup veterans. We’re looking for talent that loves the entrepreneurial atmosphere as much as we do. Does this sound like you? If so, check out our open roles and apply via the Wisedocs careers page! We hope to be an incredible step up for your career if you decide to come and work with us.

Stacy Pollack
Learning and Development Specialist

Stacy Pollack is a writer, facilitator, learning professional, and coach. With experience in tech, startups, and large publicly traded organizations, she’s supported companies through major business transformations. Learn more about her work through Stacy Pollack’s portfolio.

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