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AGS Rehab Solutions automates 90% of their workflows with Wisedocs

AGS leverages Wisedocs for their medical record review processing to automate 90% of repetitive work, process claims documents 83% faster, and support a 100% remote workforce.

Published on:
October 17, 2022

AGS adopts a digital-first approach to document processing with Wisedocs

AGS Rehab Solutions is a provider of disability management, assessment and vocational solutions to insurers, employers, law firms, and government agencies across Canada. As one of Wisedocs’ original six clients, AGS adopts a digital-first approach to document processing with the Wisedocs platform for 83% faster document processing, 90% of their repetitive work automated, and a 100% remote workforce. 

AGS achieves 83% faster document processing for medical records with Wisedocs

A case file of under 100 pages would normally take Carla Garofalo, a case coordinator at AGS, up to 30 minutes to process manually. Since partnering with Wisedocs, Carla allows the Wisedocs platform to process even larger case files exceeding 100 pages in under five minutes, resulting in 83% faster document processing.

On my own, a case under 100 pages can take [up to] 30 minutes. When I upload a huge case of over 100 pages, it can take 5 minutes.” - Carla Garofalo, Case Coordinator

AGS automates 90% of repetitive work with Wisedocs and has increased the accuracy of eliminating duplicate records

AGS automated the most labor intensive step in document processing by leveraging the Wisedocs DocList. After uploading case files to the Wisedocs interface, the platform’s artificial intelligence automatically tags, sorts through, and organizes every page of the case file to produce a hyperlinked table of contents for each case, making it easy for doctors and other assessors to navigate to the right information, faster. 

“By making Wisedocs a standard part of our workflow, our team provides more value-added services to our customers and our assessors receive documentation in a timelier and more organized manner, offering them more opportunity for file review and to easily locate important documents within a large brief, at the click of a mouse. This increase in efficiency has enabled us to contain costs while at the same time enabling assessors to have additional time to provide a comprehensive and mindful opinion within their reports.” - Gina Greco, Senior VP & Managing Director, Assessment Division at AGS Rehab Solutions Inc.

While all the details of important patient information such as clinical notes and records, consults, imaging, and more are not included in the finalized end product (reports), they are conveniently linked in AGS’ DocLists.  These are generated within the Wisedocs platform, from where the complete medical brief can be sent directly to assessors to ensure patient privacy, allowing for fast and easy navigation to specific records they are looking for.  

AGS adopted a 100% remote workforce

Despite the AGS team transitioning to full-time remote work during the pandemic, AGS still boosted its productivity. By leveraging Wisedocs’ artificial intelligence, the AGS team uploads case files to Wisedocs the night before, and kick starts their day by finalizing edits and quality assurance (QA) before sending the end product out to medical assessors and other recipients.

“AGS is proud to be partnered with Wisedocs - we immediately recognized the potential impact this technology could have on processing times and was privileged to participate in an exclusive pilot project to test this cutting-edge technology’s ability to transform our business and our industry.” - Gina Greco, Senior VP & Managing Director, Assessment Division at AGS Rehab Solutions Inc.

AGS appreciates Wisedocs’ available and knowledgeable customer support team

The AGS team has never faced any issues when using the Wisedocs interface. When it comes to larger or more complex requirements for medical record reviews, the Wisedocs customer support team is available around the clock to help address AGS’ urgent needs with speed.

Wisedocs enables AGS to automate workflows and securely interact with and share medical records with the involved parties

AGS not only survived, but thrived in the pandemic as a result of their digital-first approach. Wisedocs is now integral to Carla and her team’s workflows at AGS. If you’re interested in seeing similar productivity gains for your third party assessor or medical facility in regards to medical record reviews for claims, get in touch with our sales team

“On a scale of 1-10 Wisedocs is a 9.8 to me. It’s a huge help in my job. I use Wisedocs everyday. Kathy has saved me on multiple occasions. She always pulls through. Wisedocs is an amazing company.” - Carla Garofalo, Case Coordinator at AGS Rehab Solutions Inc.
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