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In the medical claims space especially, attending conferences is a great way to meet senior leaders in the industry and take part in discussions about change. 

Published on:
June 30, 2022

In-person events are back on the menu in 2022, and we’re looking forward to sponsoring, exhibiting, and making connections all over the country. Whether it’s in-person or virtual, attending events is a great way to connect with investors, meet new customers, and expand your knowledge base within your industry. In the medical claims space especially, attending conferences is a great way to meet senior leaders in the industry and take part in discussions about change. 

There have been plenty of great opportunities to connect in the medical technology and insurance space this year, and we’re excited to round out 2022 by sponsoring, exhibiting, and attending as many of them as we can. With so many options to choose, it can be difficult to select the best opportunities for you and your company — so we’ve pulled together a list of the ones we’re most excited about this year.

Here are some of the conferences and events we’re looking forward to (or have already enjoyed) in 2022:

Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) 29th Annual Educational Conference

The California Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) held its 29th annual educational conference this March, and Wisedocs was fortunate enough to attend both as a sponsor and a virtual exhibit. Speakers from the private sector and the DWC addressed topics around claims administration, medical news, human resources, disability management, and rehabilitation. 

The DWC conference is the largest worker’s compensation training in the state and gives attendees a firsthand look into the most recent laws, requirements, or developments in the system. At the Wisedocs booth, we showed visitors how we use artificial intelligence to improve medical records processing by interacting over live chat and showcasing our product in action. We also held a booth raffle, where we gave away Apple Airpods to a lucky attendee!

Plug and Play Insurtech Summit

Plug and Play Tech Centre (PnP) is a space for some of the brightest new startups and corporate partners to connect. PnP has invested in companies across the finance, insurance, health, and technology industries, and they aim to boost innovation in these industries by connecting startups with corporate partners.  

At their annual PnP summer summit this June, attendees were treated to startup pitches, round table discussions, and keynote speakers like Kevyan Mohajer, the founder and CEO of Soundhound. Wisedocs was lucky enough to be one of the 250+ startups invited, and although we couldn’t attend, we look forward to what they have in store for the future!

DIGIN’s Annual Conference

DIGIN’s annual conference brings industry leaders, experts, and innovators in the digital insurance industry together. Over 1600 senior leaders attend each year, almost half of them from the insurance industry. Featuring engaging workshops, high level think tanks, and keynote speakers, DIGIN’s 3 day event is a great way to network within the insurance industry and take away new ideas for your insurance business. 

 Texas Workers Compensation Conference (Texas DWC)

This year Wisedocs is a proud Silver Sponsor for the Texas Workers Compensation Conference, one of the largest conferences for workers compensation in the United States. With general sessions about industry trends and best practices and breakout sessions catered to specific pros, the Texas DWC conference covers everything from return to work policies to dispute mediation. Our COO, Doug Markham, was fortunate enough to attend the conference this June!

Conferences are a great way to expand your knowledge base and meet customers, leaders, and industry experts in the workers compensation, disability, and insurtech industry. If you see us at an event, make sure to stop and say hi!


76th Annual Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference (33rd Safety & Health Conference)

The Worker’s Compensation Institute (WCI) is a nonprofit organization designed to be a resource for stakeholders in the workers’ compensation industry. Their 4 day annual conference brings together experts from all across the country and is the largest worker’s compensation event in the United States

Wisedocs is proud to be a sponsor in 2022, and we think this year’s keynote panel ‘Does Our System Do Harm?’ will be especially interesting. We’re looking forward to speakers from fields such as insurance, human resources, and law coming together to discuss weaknesses in the existing system and how technology can lead to better outcomes. 


2022 DMEC FMLA/ADA Employer Compliance Conference

The Disability Management Employer Coalition is dedicated to providing education, knowledge, and networking to disability professionals in the US and Canada. In March of this year, Wisedocs sponsored their 4 day conference focused on Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This year’s discussions focused on scheduling, compliance, and best practices when working with the legislation, especially in the face of a ‘new normal’ post-pandemic. 


The WCR Conference (California)

Held in California, the Worker’s Compensation and Risk conference brings together expert speakers from legal, insurance, healthcare, and technology industries for an engaging 4 days at the Waldorf Astoria beach resort. 

Not only do attendees get to play a few rounds of golf, they also get access to training and development credits, 22 hours of in-person sessions, and opportunities to network within the claims and disability insurance industry. The conference is attended by everyone from judges and lawyers to physicians, senior leaders and business professionals, and Wisedocs is happy to be one of this year’s sponsors.

ITC Vegas

ITC Vegas is the world’s largest insurtech event. Held in Las Vegas this September, the event will bring together tech entrepreneurs, investors, and insurance industry experts for 3 days of workshops, speakers, and networking. With over 70% of attendees in senior leadership and keynote speakers from insurance, consulting, and startups, the conference is designed to help you make connections and showcase innovation in the fields of insurance, healthcare, and tech.

National Workers Compensation and Disability Conference 

If you needed another excuse to visit Las Vegas, the National Workers Compensation and Disability conference will be returning this October featuring an exciting lineup of senior leaders in the workers compensation and disability industry. Keynote speakers focus on industry trends and what’s to come, and breakout sessions and workshops offer attendees new educational opportunities in addition to chances to network with industry pros. 

This year they’re featuring ‘CompTalks’, which gives attendees the chance to listen to thought leaders in the industry talk in-depth about the work they do and their strategies for change. 

SIIA 43rd Annual National Conference and Expo

This October, the Self Insurance Institute of America will host its 43rd annual conference event in Phoenix, Arizona. The program features industry experts, session speakers, and open discussion sessions centered around industry topics, all designed to give you opportunities to network, share, and enrich your knowledge base of the industry. 

We’re especially excited for some of the breakout sessions on regulatory barriers and policy making challenges in the insurance industry.

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