HVE Healthcare Assessments needed to find efficiencies as they went paperless and remote throughout Covid-19. Before Wisedocs, it took considerable time and manual effort to amalgamate lengthy medical briefs with multiple file formats. Now they create tabbed, hyperlinked, and searchable briefs automatically in minutes, without manually scanning and organizing any files.

An industry leading provider of Independent Medical Assessments, HVE Healthcare Assessments is well known for its client-focused culture and its commitment to quality and integrity. Founded in 1994, they have been providing independent health services to private and public sector organizations.

HVE turned to Wisedocs to begin using automated documentation, starting with Document Indexing, to transform the way they do business. Today, electronic records and Wisedocs’ MultiDocList feature are a huge timesaver, as HVE is able to create and separate Document Indexes for specific, individual clinicians.  

HVE uses Wisedocs as a way to scale their business and are processing thousands of medical documents into clear and organized medical briefs.

How it works


Document Upload:

HVE assembles the relevant documentation for indexing and establish their process from remote upload. Wisedocs can organize and index any claimant's medical records, removing duplicate information and creating an index ready for their quality assurance team and healthcare assessor to review.


Assessor Access:

Medical Assessors are given a DocList index of all the relevant medical documentation and some of the core information from relevant files.


Briefing Automation:

IME Assessors and any clients exchange documentation, and Medical Briefs are amalgamated, and a summary is created automatically by Wisedocs.



WiseDocs Medical Briefs, DocLists and other Indexes are assessed and verified automatically, readying them to be shared with HVE’s quality assurance team and with future assessors and any third-parties. Document automation for HVE Healthcare Assessments has helped HVE to achieve a 99% document accuracy rating and saved the company thousands from manual documentation reviews.

"Wisedocs has transformed the way we do business during the pandemic. It allows us to scale our business. We are heavily invested in this process, and in Wisedocs' success."

Brian LeDrew, President, HVE Healthcare Assessment
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