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Wisedocs' 2023 whitepaper, Claiming a Stake in the Future of Insurance: What Happens Next, analyzes and reviews the growth in the insurance, legal, and medical industries and how AI and ML will impact the claims space.

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What's next for the industries working with medical records and claims

The insurance, claims, and medical evaluation sectors make up the non-life insurance industry, a market valued at $844B in 2022. Third-party administrators and insurance claims adjusters are a $274B market in the US alone, and workers’ compensation is predicted to reach $55B by the year 2028. The smaller field of medical claims processing—which includes only the bodies that act as intermediaries between insurance companies, lawyers, and healthcare professionals (including independent medical evaluators)—is a $5B industry by itself, growing at a rate of 4% per year.

In an industry that has always demanded resilience from its players, the future is here—and there’s no looking back.

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"Processing complex medical records for any aspect of the insurance ecosystem is laborious and error-addled work. Reviews could be automated, yet the industry has remained largely unchanged."
Connor Atchison
Founder and CEO
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