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Wisedocs Explores Humanizing the Claims Process at IAIME 2024

The International Academy of Independent Medical Evaluations (IAIME) 2024 Annual Scientific Meeting, themed "Looking into the Future," was held virtually from February 1st to 3rd, 2024. During the event, Wisedocs’ CEO Connor Atchison took to the stage to discuss how new technologies are humanizing the claims process by enhancing efficiency and the claims experience.

Published on:
February 26, 2024

Amidst a backdrop of profound societal shifts catalyzed by the global pandemic, the International Academy of Independent Medical Evaluations (IAIME) 2024 Annual Scientific Meeting, themed "Looking into the Future," was held virtually from February 1st to 3rd, 2024. 

This landmark event included experts from different sectors who explored the transformations poised to reshape the Independent Medical Evaluations (IME) and Insurance industries. Against the backdrop of technological advancements aimed to revolutionize industries like business, insurance, and healthcare, the gathering served as a forum for exploration and collaboration. Physicians, judges, attorneys, state medical directors, and industry experts, united to explain pathways forward in a landscape marked by change. During the event, Wisedocs’ CEO Connor Atchison took to the stage to discuss how new technologies are humanizing the claims process by enhancing efficiency and the claims experience.

Wisedocs presents at IAIME 2024 Annual Scientific Meeting 

Wisedocs' CEO Connor Atchison is a veteran with experience in the military and healthcare administration. The company's inception was driven by a personal understanding of the challenges within the claims space, particularly after witnessing firsthand the complexities and inefficiencies that hindered access to care for claimants after caring for a family member severely injured in a car accident.

In his presentation, Connor highlighted the broken nature of the medical claims industry, characterized by manual processes and significant backlog. Claim resolution can take up to 18 months, leading to delays in accessing necessary care for claimants dealing with accidents, injuries, or health conditions.

The Role of AI in Claims Processing

At the IAIME meeting, Connor presented Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies as solutions to address the inefficiencies in claims processing. These technologies can automate tasks such as sorting, organizing, and summarizing medical records, leading to faster claim resolutions and improved outcomes for claimants.

The integration of AI in IMEs is discussed as a revolutionary advancement, as AI algorithms can analyze medical records efficiently, providing medical professionals with relevant information to make accurate assessments. This ultimately leads to faster IME processes, reduced turnaround times, and more precise medical opinions.

AI Adoption Trends: Maintaining a Human-Centric Approach in Claims

Connor’s presentation highlighted the increasing adoption of AI across industries, supported by statistics indicating growth in investments and market size. This trend proves the importance of embracing AI technologies to remain competitive and improve efficiency in claims processing. AI implementation is presented as a means to enhance the customer service experience in the insurance and claims industry. By automating administrative tasks, adjusters and case managers can focus more on personalized interactions with claimants, fostering empathy and understanding throughout the claims process. Despite technological advancements, Connor maintained that a human touch in healthcare is needed to ensure optimal care and handling of claims. Generative AI is highlighted as a tool to enhance patient care by accelerating manual processes while improving personalized treatment plans and fostering compassionate interactions between healthcare professionals and patients.

How Medicolegal Firms and Workflows are Reshaped by AI

During his presentation, Connor provided concrete examples and case studies demonstrating the practical benefits of AI implementation in claims processing. These examples showcased how Wisedocs' AI platform has streamlined operations, reduced costs, and improved efficiency for companies in the insurance ecosystem.

A small IME company based in Ontario, Canada, shared how Wisedocs observed a transformative shift from traditional manual document processing to leveraging the platform for efficient medical record handling. With a commitment to producing superior, defensible medical reports, the company prioritized precise and efficient document processing, saving both costs and time for their organization. 

As well, one Chris Brigham of Brigham & Associates, who has seen first-hand and advocates how the use of AI can improve efficiency in medicolegal workflows, was also presenting at the event. During his presentation, Chris Brigham delved into the rise of AI within the IME practice. He emphasized the importance of embracing this transformative change, rather than fearing it. By presenting practical strategies to leverage AI's capabilities effectively, Brigham empowered attendees of the meeting to capitalize on the opportunities arising from technological advancements in the IME field.

“We’ve worked with Dr. Chris Brigham on many projects in the past, such as his insightful webinar ‘Artificial Intelligence - Revolutionizing the Medicolegal Field’ where we spoke in depth about the changes artificial intelligence is bringing to the medicolegal world and how it has allowed for understanding a patient’s health journey. With Chris’ medicolegal expertise, we dove into insightful topics such as how AI is poised to make IME processes smarter and medical professionals’ decisions sharper.”

The Future of Claims Processing is AI

Connor’s presentation concluded by looking toward the future of claims processing, envisioning a landscape where AI and ML technologies continue to drive improvements in speed, accuracy, and customer experience. The potential for rapid assessments, enhanced accuracy, and a more human-centric approach in claims processing were highlighted as key areas of importance. We had a wonderful time presenting to the audience at the IAIME 2024 Annual Scientific Meeting and look forward to future events that highlight growth and development in the claims industry.

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