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Third-Party Medical Record Reviews: How Can Wisedocs Streamline Document Processing?

If you regularly handle Independent Medical Evaluations, you are aware of how long it takes to receive the documents, but what if there was a more seamless method?

Published on:
August 16, 2022

If you regularly handle Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs) and other Electronic Medical Records as a Law Firm, Managed Care Firm, Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME), Independent Review Organization (IRO) or Peer Review Firm, you are aware of how strenuous and painstakingly long it takes to receive the documents. Insurance carriers outsource their medical record review process to simplify it, but what if there was an easier, more seamless method?

Can your IME firm benefit from Wisedocs?

A fast turnaround is crucial to the success of a case. Automation helps make medical data origination and processing feasible at scale for Law Firms, Managed Care Firms, QMEs, IROs, and Peer Review Firms. Best of all, Wisedocs allows cognitive document processing in a matter of hours. We have features that scale your business without negatively impacting headcount, bottom-line growth, or time-to-fulfillment. Access medical summaries, achieve document workflow management, and streamline healthcare claims processing workflows. 

Working independently, it may be even harder to access medical data without the help of organizations tied to law and managed care firms. AI allows Independent Medical Evaluators to access records timely and without the need to contact a variety of third-party individuals.

How does Wisedocs streamline the medical record reviews process?

Incorporating Wisedocs into your daily document processing means more time allocated to clients and litigation. Wisedocs reduces the time it takes to process case files by over 80%. Our AI can process over 750 pages in just one hour. Wisedocs also creates an automated, trustworthy DocList that allows you to spend more time on analysis and critique and less time droning over process and documentation. Additionally, Wisedocs identifies duplicated case file information to spot and remove extraneous information. Whether you work for a legal firm, insurance firm, or independently, Wisedocs allows you to review and validate documents in a fraction of the time it would take to complete them manually.

Companies that scale AI across their businesses achieve far more value from their investments. If you underinvest in people and processes, you will lose momentum without the proper attention dedicated to system workflow and medical data management. With Wisedocs, you can strategically organize all your medical data in one convenient location. 

Where can your IME firm learn more about medical record processing?

At Wisedocs, we care immensely for our customers and are dedicated to assisting them with whichever issues may arise. Whether you want more information on how we can assist your company, need help signing up for Wisedocs, or are looking for more information on how we assist our current customers, you can upload a medical record for review or learn more about our case studies with other IME firms.

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