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Wisedocs’ Brain Power: Eric Pham, Operations Supervisor

At Wisedocs, we’re building a stellar team and we’re proud to introduce our team members over time through our monthly Wisedocs’ Brain Power series. Recently, we introduced you to James Bury, our Software Developer. Today, we will meet Eric Pham, a valuable member of the Wisedocs team and our Operations Supervisor!

Published on:
February 27, 2024

At Wisedocs, we’re building a stellar team and we’re proud to introduce our team members over time through our monthly Wisedocs’ Brain Power series. Recently, we introduced you to James Bury, our Software Developer. Today, we will meet Eric Pham, a valuable member of the Wisedocs team and our Operations Supervisor! Eric is a driving force behind our mission and brings with him experience from multiple teams across Wisedocs. Passionate about healthcare and helping others, Eric dives into his journey at Wisedocs, how he entered the tech industry, and his aspiration to be an entrepreneur and impact the healthcare system.

Tell us about your career so far. How did you get to where you are today?

I have been extremely fortunate to have amazing mentors and peers throughout my early career that have significantly impacted my journey. All my mentors, and especially the ones at Wisedocs, have really pushed me to take on exciting growth-filled projects and I have had unwavering support from my peers.”

How did you end up in the tech and startup world?

“The tech and startup world really found me. I remember searching for a job in healthcare, finding Wisedocs, and immediately loving everything about the job – the constant innovation, the fast-paced environment, and the change and impact I am able to have every single day.  

Ever since I was a kid, I always knew I wanted to center my career around helping others. I thought I wanted to become a healthcare professional, but I really fell in love with technology, business and entrepreneurship when I entered university and gained more exposure to these fields. I aspire to one day begin my own startup with a focus on impacting the healthcare system and well-being of others.”

The ascent of health tech startups is undeniable. A 2022 report highlighted their dominance, with the U.S. healthcare sector leading the charge with a staggering $12.6 billion in revenue. Notably, Wisedocs' acknowledgment by Forbes as one of Canada’s Best Startup Employers underscores our commitment to scaling while prioritizing employee satisfaction and growth. With this vision in mind, our Co-Founder & CEO, Connor Atchison, leverages his expertise in structure, discipline, and strategic execution to guide Wisedocs towards continued success, shaped by his own inspiring founder story.  

What makes you excited about Wisedocs? What are the challenges?

“What really gets me excited about Wisedocs is that every time we help process a file – whether it is an auto insurance claim, personal injury claim, etc., I am actively making a change in someone’s life." - Eric Pham, Wisedocs Operations Supervisor

"I think a challenge that comes with all startups and small businesses is that you end up wearing many hats and playing different roles. However, because of this you end up learning so many valuable skills that you really cannot find anywhere else.”  

Give us a day in the life of an Operations Supervisor: what’s your 9-5?

“Every day is different at Wisedocs and that is what really keeps it exciting. But typically, I start off the day with some meetings to get my team aligned on the key objectives for the day and making sure we are on track for our projects. Then later in the afternoon it's often a lot of independent work such as building internal processes to help our team be more efficient, mapping out projects, and coordinating team members.”

Amidst our recent milestone of closing a $12.7M Oversubscribed Series A and witnessing a doubling of our customer base, Wisedocs is experiencing an unprecedented phase of hypergrowth. This transformative period brings with it a flurry of activity and excitement as we expand our operations to meet the surging demand for our AI-powered innovative solutions for the claims ecosystem.

What’s an unexpected perk or challenge (or both) of being an Operations Supervisor?

“An unexpected perk and challenge is that you are involved in so many different projects. It is both exciting and fun, and you learn something new from each different project, but it can often be hard to manage your time.”  

Startups are renowned for their dynamic fast-paced environments fueled by cross-team collaboration and unwavering passion. To safeguard our team against burnout, we champion interdepartmental personal connections, advocate for healthy work-life boundaries, and prioritize mental well-being. A sobering 2022 survey revealed that a staggering 87% of startup employees reported adverse effects on mental health, with 84% experiencing burnout. Recognizing the pervasive nature of burnout, particularly in the era of hybrid work models, Wisedocs highly values fostering remote-hybrid team collaboration!

You recently were promoted to your new position, congrats! What has your career journey been like at Wisedocs?

“Thank you! The main thing I would say is that the journey has been really fun. Wisedocs truly feels like a team, we all work so closely and support each other. I have also been able to see Wisedocs grow so much over the last year, and I have also experienced a lot of personal growth as well. There are so many exciting projects here at Wisedocs and it feels like we are just getting started.”

At Wisedocs, fostering both the professional and personal growth of our employees is paramount. We deeply understand the significance and fulfillment that come from pushing boundaries in the workplace. It's this ethos that drives us to actively support the career advancement of individuals like Eric, who transitioned to Operations Supervisor, Michael Wang, who stepped into the role of Engineering Intern, and Amy Mingopoulos, who moved into the position of Marketing Coordinator. We're committed to nurturing talent and empowering our team to reach new heights.  

Here at Wisedocs, we're not just building a company; we're fostering a community where talent thrives, and aspirations are realized. Join us in shaping the future of AI-powered solutions and unlocking limitless potential together by exploring career opportunities with Wisedocs.

Amy Mingopoulos
Marketing Coordinator

Amy Mingopoulos is the marketing coordinator at Wisedocs based in Toronto. She has worked in a wide variety of companies in the fields of healthcare, fitness, and technology. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, cooking, and visiting new restaurants in the city.

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