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What Artificial Intelligence (AI) means to Wisedocs' Medical Record Review Process

We spoke with Wisedocs' VP of Engineering, Atif Khan, to get the inside scoop on what Artificial Intelligence (AI) means to Wisedocs and how it impacts the claims process.

Published on:
October 19, 2022

We spoke with Wisedocs’ VP of Engineering, Atif Khan, to get the inside scoop on what Artificial Intelligence (AI) means to Wisedocs and how it impacts the claims process.

Whether you work in the insurance, legal, or medical evaluation industry, utilizing a document processing platform is key to accomplishing tasks promptly and accurately. Gone are the days we spent hours combing through medical records, invoices, and other healthcare databases. With the use of AI in remedial tasks, professionals can focus more on client relations and business prosperity. Wisedocs uses AI to discover essential information and insights from documents to improve decision-making and open opportunities for new business models.

Wisedocs' Artificial Intelligence Glossary:

You may come across some of these terms in our content below:

  • OCR: Optical Character Recognition is a form of technology that identifies the characters – like numbers and letters — included in an image.
  • CNN: A convolutional neural network is one of the various types of artificial neural networks which are used for different applications and data types.
  • RNN: A recurrent neural network is a class of artificial neural networks where connections between nodes can create a cycle, allowing output from some nodes to affect subsequent input to the same nodes.
  • Transformers: Transformers, created with large datasets, make accurate predictions that drive their wider use, generating more data that can be used to create even better models.

Let's dive into how Wisedocs uses artificial intelligence as well as Atif's and Wisedocs' long-term goals for an artificial intelligence platform for medical record reviews in the claims space.

What Innovations are Being Made Through AI at Wisedocs?

As a senior technology executive with vast experience developing enterprise software and building high-performance teams, Atif Khan has provided valuable insight into Wisedocs' innovative ability to create solutions that solve several problems in OCR, layout analysis, document classification, and information extraction as it pertains to medical records in claims. Wisedocs leverages state-of-the-art techniques in computer vision, deep learning, and natural language processing like CNN, RNN, and Transformers. His team at Wisedocs works to develop models that derive structured content from complex, unstructured data.

Why Choose Wisedocs Over Other Claims Processing Platforms?

Wisedocs provides a seamless document workflow software that simplifies the daunting task of claims processing.

Our goal is to not just create a data extraction tool, but rather to make the data usable and meaningful for our clients. We accomplish this through our deep knowledge of the domain and ensuring we train our models to understand the context and relevance of the information we extract. We aim our focus on our clients and their issues, and we are dedicated to solving their needs.

Wisedocs takes pride in the fact that the innovations we create, in the end, improve peoples’ health and quality of life. Wisedocs sees the claims space as a new frontier to add great value to. As pioneers, Wisedocs is discovering new possibilities and expanding horizons as to what can be accomplished.

We welcome competition to expand the knowledge of this ever-growing technology.

How will Wisedocs Change the Future of Claims Management?

Inefficiencies abound throughout the value chain in claims management. For Wisedocs, a key goal is to reduce friction, eliminate tedious manual work, and integrate workflows. We are committed to making the claims review faster as we believe productivity improvements will develop outcomes that lead to better decision-making. Wisedocs is dedicated to providing a seamless onboarding process through our customer support team - a committed team member will support clients from onboarding to first record upload to export (and beyond!). All you need to do is submit necessary workflow information like team members and keywords, and we’ll take care of the rest. No question is too small for our support team that is revolutionizing the way companies use Wisedocs to streamline medical chronology and enhance their cognitive document processing.

From our customers at AGS Rehab Solutions:

On a scale of 1-10 Wisedocs is a 9.8 to me. It’s a huge help in my job. I use Wisedocs everyday. Kathy [and the customer success team] has saved me on multiple occasions. She always pulls through.” - Carla Garofalo, Case Coordinator at AGS Rehab Solutions Inc.

Wisedocs: The smart process for medical record reviews

Wisedocs leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to discover essential information and insights from documents to improve decision-making that enables new opportunities for a more efficient claims process. Atif Khan and the engineering, product, and data science team work alongside customers and the customer success team to build the future of claims processing to create a more efficient solution for all claimants and companies involved.

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