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Medical records reviews for insurance, medical, and legal

Wisedocs' artificial intelligence platform is the fastest way to process unstructured medical documents such as Clinician's Notes, Medical Briefs and Records, Assessment Reports, Discharge Summaries, and more within the claims space.

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Wisedocs has trained on more than 7.5 million pages and saved our clients more than 10,000 hours of processing time.

Medical records made easy

Claims loves Wisedocs! Check out our case studies on how Wisedocs makes medical record reviews a breeze.

Saving time: 6 hours manually, 45 minutes with Wisedocs

"Wisedocs has helped save us innumerable hours by allowing us to streamline and sort our document maintenance process. The Wisedocs team have been courteous and quick to follow up with any inquiries we have had. Highly recommended."

Nick Winsor

SIMAC Canada
70% streamling of medical records

"The difference with using Wisedocs is night and day. One person is able to organize, catalogue, and if necessary redact information from files that can be thousands of pages long in a fraction of the time they'd need manually."

Dr. Damien Marion

CVE, Inc.
Document processing happens up to 70% faster with Wisedocs
I can only say what I experience regarding time saved based on the fact that I can create the same ‘product’ [with Wisedocs] in less than half the time I can do it manually.

IME Firm

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