Security-Related Requests for Information (RFIs)

Vendor or third-party security assessments are important to review to ensure your third party software vendors are secure and compliant.

Large firms trust Wisedocs with their data

The heavy impact of costly data breaches and other inherent risks of transacting online, leave some organizations almost wary of working with SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and third-party vendors. Therefore, it’s just as important to monitor a vendor's cyber security risk like it is your own.

Wisedocs participates in security-related RFIs to ensure a strong partnership with all firms.

Wisedocs is a compliant and certified company

Process medical records in hours

Processing case files and raw medical records can be a painful, time-consuming process. Don’t let it slow down your business.
Hundreds of
pages an hour
With Wisedocs you can reduce the time it takes to process case files by over 80%. AI can process over 750 pages of medical records and other documents an hour.
Low-value versus high-value billable activity - spend more time on analysis and critique than you do on processing and documentation
the DocList
Wisedocs creates an automated, trustworthy DocList for every case you upload, in minutes .
Duplicate documents
As much as 30% of every case can be duplicated documents, a huge waste of processor time and a non-billable admistrative practice.
Automated de-duplication
Wisedocs can identify duplicated case file information in any uploaded file. Spot and process extraneous information and ignore or process them - your choice!

What to expect in a vendor assessment of Wisedocs

Wisedocs' risk, general systems and its vulnerabilities, compliance, data sensitivity, prevention etc. Anything from control environments, policy, mitigation efforts, control programs can all be asked for review.

This is all part of the evaluation process that will rank a company's risk, level(s) of data protection and compliance within their industry.

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