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Wisedocs' Takeaways from ALA’s Annual Conference & Expo

This May, our team at Wisedocs had the opportunity to exhibit and sponsor the ALA’s 2024 Annual Conference & Expo in Aurora, Colorado.

Published on:
June 10, 2024

This May, Wisedocs’ team had the exciting opportunity to sponsor and exhibit at the ALA’s 2024 Annual Conference & Expo in Aurora, Colorado. It was a fantastic event that featured a diverse selection of presentations and engaging discussions around how artificial intelligence (AI) is automating legal administrator's workflows.

Reflecting on ALA 2024

ALA’s 2024 Annual Conference & Expo (ALA 2024) took place in Aurora, Colorado from May 20th to 22nd. The event provided access to premium legal management education, keynote speakers, and exhibitor networking with leaders and managers in legal technology and services solutions.

ALA 2024 explored a great number of inspiring topics centered around AI solutions and how innovative technology can enhance efficiency within the ever-evolving legal landscape. The attendees had a unique opportunity to learn about the huge impact that generative AI has on shaping the day-to-day legal operations, client experience, and business value.  

Welcome Reception at ALA 2024

Automating Legal Workflows

The claims process can be slow, costly, and filled with an overwhelming amount of paperwork. The task of organizing and sorting these files for the claims process most likely falls on legal administrators to get the job done and prepare firms for their case. With technology coming to the forefront, Wisedocs leverages advanced machine learning (ML) and AI technology to automate the entire medical record review process for legal administrators and offload  laborious manual tasks known to significantly delay claims processing.  

Within the legal sector, a fast turnaround time is essential to the success of a case. Using AI to streamline this workflow and reduce the time it takes to process case files by over 80% can make all the difference in case management and resolution. Automation tools such as Wisedocs’ platform help make medical data and claims processing feasible at scale for law firms.  

Wisedocs’ industry-leading features allow legal firms to timely and accurately process unstructured medical documents, including clinician notes and medical reports. With Wisedocs, case files can be automatically indexed, searched, and tagged. This method grants legal firms the ability to not only go paperless, but to access medical records, essential documents, and client information with speed and ease.  

Wisedocs' Account Executive Michael Theodosiou exhbiting at ALA 2024

Key Takeaways from ALA 2024

Document Management Reigns Supreme  

Reflecting on ALA 2024, we recognized that document management technology is a main focus for the present and future of law firms. These AI-driven technologies are proving to be essential for higher value strategic work and the catalyst for gaining competitive edge. Understanding use cases and advantages of AI processes will help ensure your practice stays secure and competitive in the market. 

AI Legal Processes for Scale

AI technology is quickly shaping the way the legal industry operates. Legal firms are constantly innovating internal processes to be more efficient and cost-savvy. Using generative AI is critical for scaling your practice and decreasing budget spent on manual sorting and processing of medical files.  

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Nat Vukmirovic is Wisedocs' Events Coordinator based in Toronto. With a strong background in copywriting, content writing, and event logistics, Nat brings valuable expertise to the team, ensuring seamless and successful events.

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