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Wisedocs’ Brain Power: Genna Simpson, Data Operations Associate

At Wisedocs, we’re scaling our team and we’re proud to introduce to you some of our Wisedocs members through our monthly Wisedocs Brain Power series. We’re kicking off 2023 by introducing you to Genna Simson, our Data Operations Associate.

Published on:
January 23, 2023

Let’s get to know Genna! 

“I started working with Wisedocs in May 2022 as a co-op student and then decided to stay on full time following my co-op term. This year I’m looking to continue growing in my position at Wisedocs while pursuing an MBA in Business Analytics starting September 2023.”

How did you end up in the tech and startup world? 

“By accident! I completed a year in a computer science program that required the completion of a co-op. I was interested in the work being done at Wisedocs so I reached out through LinkedIn to express interest in joining as a co-op student. I’ve been here ever since.”

What’s your stack as a Data Operations Associate? 

“I’ve been fortunate to have exposure to many different tech platforms at Wisedocs.” 

Genna’s tech stack includes:

  • Hubspot for pulling data
  • Databox for visualization
  • Slack for team communication
  • Power Query in Excel
  • Outlook To-Do

Providing your employees with the right tech stack will help them automate their repetitive work, decrease the administrative load involved with their day-to-day, and improve their overall efficiency and employee experience. 

What's your proudest moment here at Wisedocs?

“The data reporting for the indexing team. It has been a real labor of love over the past several months and continues to go through revisions and improvements as we get more, better data. It also gave me the chance to prepare and present a business case, as well as take lead on the project's implementation.”

In a report conducted by Beyond, 83% of respondents indicate that when they feel proud of the work they are doing and the company they are doing it for, they are more likely to go above and beyond. It’s important we give employees meaningful work and we strive for this at Wisedocs. 

How can someone become a Data Operations Associate like you? 

“To become a Data Operations Associate, I think becoming comfortable with technology and troubleshooting issues when things inevitably go wrong are important skills to have. But also, just be curious. Take interest in the information you are working with, where it comes from and what story it tells you. When opportunities arise to learn something new, say yes.”

Curiosity is a power-skill, and an essential ingredient to helping you learn and grow. We encourage everyone to lean into curiosity!

Take your next career step with Wisedocs

Genna is just one of the bright individuals that has chosen to build their career at Wisedocs. If you want to make a big impact on shaping the industry of intelligent document processing, we encourage you to apply for open roles in insurtech through  the Wisedocs careers page. We are always looking for great people to join our team!

Stacy Pollack
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Stacy Pollack is a writer, facilitator, learning professional, and coach. With experience in tech, startups, and large publicly traded organizations, she’s supported companies through major business transformations. Learn more about her work through Stacy Pollack’s portfolio.

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