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Summaries are Key Components of Medical Records Use

Medical record summarization can greatly reduce the time spent by healthcare professionals when sorting patient data by providing a simplified overview of a patient’s health condition.

Published on:
May 12, 2023

A medical summary is a condensed document of health records about a specific case used by a legal, medical, or insurance professional. It is prepared by those who interact with the medical records, such as a legal nurse consultant or attorney. The summary concisely describes the incident and how the claimant was impacted. A medical summary aims to provide information to all parties involved in the claim about the claimant’s overall health impact.

Why are medical summaries necessary for the legal industry?

Claimant medical records contribute to proving the validity of their personal injury lawsuit. A medical summary can also assist in malpractice, mass tort, product liability, disability and workers’ compensation, and nursing home injury/abuse. The outcome of these litigations depends heavily on medical record summarization. A well-prepared medical summary can deliver clear details on the injury, treatment, and expenses.

Drafting medical record summaries for litigation can be a lengthy process. Many law firms seek assistance from medical record retrieval companies so they can segment more time to communicate with their client and formulate a plan to win the claimant’s case.

Why are medical summaries necessary for the medical industry?

Medical record summarization can greatly reduce the time spent by healthcare professionals when sorting patient data by providing a simplified overview of a patient’s health condition. The document assists with clarifying the doctors’ narratives and observations. A patient’s medical information is often spread out amongst various locations under varying identification numbers. It can be challenging for healthcare professionals to track and obtain all required information. 

A medical summarization consolidates information to allow a more concrete analysis of one’s health condition and treatment requirements so healthcare professionals can promptly provide medication or other treatments. Missing data can lead to inaccurate diagnoses or incorrect treatment procedures, therefore, medical record summaries are imperative to the health of all patients.

Why are medical summaries necessary for the insurance industry?

Medical record reviews are required for insurance companies to ensure a fair claim settlement in medical litigation. A medical summary must be accurate and thorough to prove fairness, fraud, embellishment, medical necessity, and more. A medical summary provides a thorough and objective analysis of relevant data to investigate an insurance claim objectively. This allows a better understanding of all parts of the claim and better equips litigation professionals when negotiating or settling an insurance claim.

Several insurance companies have underwriters who specifically work on organizing medical summaries. They are often experts in reviewing medical records for insurance defense and have extensive knowledge of medical procedures and terminology so they can prepare an accurate summarization. However, more than ever, insurance companies are turning to medical record retrieval companies to provide medical record information in a clear summary completed by AI technology. The use of this automated software delivers the medical summary in a much faster and more efficient schedule than a human underwriter can deliver. 

How can Wisedocs assist in medical record summary delivery?

Wisedocs assists a variety of industries in curating comprehensive medical record summaries, including insurance, legal, and IMEs. Our artificial intelligence platform is the fastest way to process unstructured medical documents such as clinician’s notes, medical briefs and records, assessment reports, discharge summaries, and additional data in the claims space. We’ve saved clients over 10,000 hours of processing time by creating clear medical summaries. Our client, AGS Rehab Solutions, has achieved 83% faster document processing for medical records with Wisedocs.  

On my own, a case under 100 pages can take [up to] 30 minutes. When I upload a huge case of over 100 pages, it can take 5 minutes.” - Carla Garofalo, Case Coordinator

If you work in the legal, insurance, or healthcare industry and require streamlining your document processing, book a demo today with one of our incredible customer support team members. We can’t wait to assist you!

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