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Top 5 Record Retrieval Companies in North America

Record retrieval companies provide convenient access to client medical records to help insurance providers, lawyers, and claims adjusters settle cases faster. We’ve compiled a list of North America’s top 5 record retrieval companies to assist in appropriately selecting the right partner for your business.

Published on:
May 16, 2023

Record retrieval companies provide convenient access to client medical records to help insurance providers, lawyers, and claims adjusters settle cases faster. Through these simple and secure online portals, they can request information, check their request status, and confirm the accuracy of electronic health records. We’ve compiled a list of North America’s top 5 record retrieval companies to assist in appropriately selecting the right partner for your business. 

1.   American Retrieval

Since 1993, American Retrieval has been a trusted partner in medical record retrieval services. They specialize in medical record retrieval for attorneys and law firms. Their experts understand the importance of providing quick turnaround and easily accessible medical records for their clients. They partner with CIOX, a company that processes the release of medical records to roughly 55% of the country's medical providers, which has allowed them to remain consistent in a 15-day turnaround time for their clients. Their services include:

  • Flat Rate Pricing
  • Comprehensive Record Request Tracking
  • Recognition (OCR) Technology
  • Searchable and Shareable Records
  • Records Stored on HIPAA-compliant and Secure Services

Their professionals work on a variety of litigation, including mass torts/product liability, personal injury, workers’ compensation, social security/disability, insurance defense, and more. They help unify insurance company departments that utilize claims, underwriting, subrogation, and defense services by providing an all-access pass to their record needs.

 2. Compex Legal Services

With a focus on serving the top legal firms and insurance companies in the nation, Compex Legal Services is one of the leading record retrieval companies in the United States. As the longest-operating national firm, with over 50 years of experience, Compex Legal Services provides tech-enabled record retrieval solutions for their client’s needs. Trusted by over 3,000 law firms and 500 insurance carriers, Compex Legal Services aims to support clients while quickly and cost-effectively retrieving records has made them one of the top procurer of medical records. Their services include:

  • Record Retrieval
  • Medical Record Summarization
  • IME Interface
  • Deposition Reporting

Compex allows law firms and insurers to securely and easily order records from their existing platforms. Named one of the Top 10 Legal Tech Solution Providers to Watch in 2022 by CIO Coverage Magazine, it is clear that Compex’s innovative platform and services are streamlining the record retrieval process.

3. ChartRequest

ChartRequest provides cutting-edge technology that supports experienced medical professionals with their streamlined electronic health information exchange. Working with Solo Practitioners, Group Practices, Hospitals, Urgent Care Centres, Imaging Centers, Integrated Oncology Networks, Health Information Exchange Organizations, and Federally Qualified Health Centers, ChartRequest supports an array of healthcare organizations by easily accessing patient medical records. Some of their services include:

  • Release of Information
  • Care Coordination
  • Referral Management
  • Record Retrieval

With a mission of transforming health information exchange with technology, ChartRequest allows for the seamless exchange of records between providers through their platform. With a network of over 15,000+ healthcare providers, ChartRequest empowers providers to consolidate and streamline sending and receiving patient medical records. Their referral management software also proactively allows providers to request medical records at the time of referral, increasing efficiency and creating smooth transitions of patient care.

4. Record Retrieval Solutions

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Record Retrieval Solutions has quickly become one of the most trusted record retrieval companies in the United States. With a founder who has been in the business since 1989, this company understands the importance of a one-stop-shop online solution to facilitate record retrieval for its clients. Working with lawyers, law firms, and third parties, this HIPAA-compliant company stays updated with laws and regulations to ensure security for your medical record retrieval services. Some of their services include:

  • Medical Record Retrieval
  • Medical Record Summarization
  • Radiology Imaging Retrieval 
  • Prescription Network Retrieval
  • Electronic Medical Record Retrieval

Not only does RRS supply medical records on request for their clients through their secure online portal, but they also offer a medical record summarization feature. Similar to Wisedocs, RRS produces indexable medical chronologies from the uploaded documents to streamline the medical record review. 

5. LCS Record Retrieval

Legal Copy Services (LCS) Record Retrieval is a record solutions company that operates with a focus on its client’s workflow. Aiming to make their client’s document analysis easier for over 40 years, LCS’s coupled online platform and client service representatives work to save their customers time and money. By digitizing and creating searchable records, LCS offers online and hard-copy versions of all records retrieved. Their proprietary workflows allow their clients to submit requests, check on the status of records being retrieved, view retrieved records, and sign for authorizations. Their services include:

  • Retrieval of Records across states for Civil, Federal, Workers’ Compensation, and Pre-trial Cases
  • Remote and Electronic Notary
  • A Dedicated Client Services Representative
  • Medical Film Retrieval
  • HIPAA-Compliant E-Signature Authorizations

Supporting legal, medical, and insurance companies across the United States, LCS has a goal of delivering same-day solutions to their customers. Partnered with SimplySign, LCS allows their clients to speed up the authorization process by sending a plaintiff’s counsel authorizations to review and have the plaintiff e-sign immediately. Voted as one of the Best and Brightest companies to work for, LCS is continuing to set the bar for record retrieval companies nationwide.

From insurance to litigation and claims management, a variety of industries benefit from these record retrieval companies. Businesses can use Wisedocs to organize and index medical records retrieved by these exceptional companies to expedite the medical record review process. Wisedocs provides the back-office brainpower with an artificial intelligence platform for insurance, legal, and independent medical evaluation firms. Check out our website today and find out why Wisedocs is the leading medical record processing platform for the claims sector.

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