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2022 at Wisedocs: Hiring, growth, and diversity at our insurtech scaleup

From growing in size, building new partnerships, improving our products, disrupting an industry, and finetuning our diversity efforts, 2022 was a year to be proud of. 

Published on:
December 29, 2022

It's the holiday season here at Wisedocs and we are taking this time to pause, reflect, and recognize how far we’ve come in such a short time. In 2022, we’ve made huge progress as a company. From growing in size, building new partnerships, improving our products, disrupting an industry, and finetuning our diversity efforts, 2022 was a year for Wisedocs to be proud of

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on our hiring, growth, and diversity efforts from 2022 and sharing some of our successes with you.

Hiring at Wisedocs: Who, what, where?

If we could sum up our hiring into one word, it would be: Growth. In 2022, we welcomed 27 new employees to the Wisedocs team, almost 4x the amount of employees from 2021. These roles spanned across:

  • Medical documentation 
  • Business development 
  • Design 
  • Data science
  • Engineering 
  • Operations/ People operations 

These roles were primarily hired within the Greater Toronto Area. From associates, to specialists, all the way up to VPs, we’re hiring across every level. 

In 2019, we were only 5 employees. Today, we’re now 44 strong.

Joining a fast growing company means opportunities to grow, leave your mark, and make an impact. We’re scaling quickly, but we’re still agile. Our employees have access to our leadership team and get the opportunity to work as part of a close-knit team. 

Diversity in 2022: How did we do?

As we’re building our team of Wisedocs employees, we’re thinking deeply about how to build diversity into our fabric. In 2022, here are some relevant statistics we’re excited to share: 

  • 55% of our employees identify as women 
  • 40% of our senior leadership team identify as women
  • 75% of our employees identify as having a diverse background
  • 40% of our leadership team identify as having a diverse background

The majority of job seekers report that diversity is a key factor when evaluating a new organization. Diversity is also important if you want to retain your talent, build products that appeal to your customers, and outperform your competitors

You can get to know the many people that are part of Wisedocs through our Wisedocs Brain Power series. 

How we rated with employees

We finished the year with a 5 Star Glassdoor Rating. 100% of employees approve of our CEO, Connor Atchison, and 100% of our employees would recommend Wisedocs to their friends. We were also certified as a Great Place to Work® by Great Place to Work Institute® Canada in 2022.

Things our employees enjoyed:

  • Ability to work remotely but have an office accessible in the heart of downtown Toronto
  • A warm and welcoming working environment
  • Opportunities for growth and career movement
  • Competitive benefits and perks

Flexibility around remote work and support from managers are benefits that employees value, and many report leaving when they don’t have it. We know that employees want to work somewhere they feel valued. We strive to provide this and more for everyone who takes their next career step with us. 

Overall, employees are loving the experience they are having at Wisedocs. Think you might too? We encourage you to check out our open roles and apply via the Wisedocs careers page. We are always looking for great people to join our team.

Happy holidays and wishing you a wonderful New Year, from our team to yours!

Stacy Pollack
Learning and Development Specialist

Stacy Pollack is a writer, facilitator, learning professional, and coach. With experience in tech, startups, and large publicly traded organizations, she’s supported companies through major business transformations. Learn more about her work through Stacy Pollack’s portfolio.

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