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Wisedocs Welcomes Itay Mishan as Chief Technology Officer

Wisedocs is thrilled to announce the appointment of Itay Mishan as Chief Technology Officer as we continue our innovation within the claims industry.

Published on:
June 24, 2024

Wisedocs is proving to be an industry disrupting player in the claims industry. As 87% of insurance carriers invest more than $5M every year into AI technology, the power of Wisedocs technology is emerging at exactly the right time. To continue this innovation, as well as provide support to an AI powered automation platform that can summarize, organize, and index documents in real time, Wisedocs is thrilled to announce the appointment of Itay Mishan as Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Strengthening Our Leadership Team

Itay joined the Wisedocs team after being introduced by interim CTO George Papayianis, who was impressed by Itay’s deep technical expertise, emotional intelligence, and approach to building teams. Itay brings with him two decades of experience across the tech industry, including plenty of time spent in the Toronto startup world. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Economics, as well as an MBA, which has given Itay a robust technical background and a strong foundation in traditional business disciplines. Blending the two, Itay can be found using his leadership skills to support his passion for Machine Learning and software architecture – resulting in building creative, high-performing teams. 

Prior to joining Wisedocs, Itay Mishan founded two startups in the computer vision space. He has worked and studied across subsects of AI, including real-time embedded systems, web technology, system architecture, computer vision, and IoT. Itay built and led the R&D office for eBay in Toronto, where he led a high-performing team through complex technological challenges and contributed to the continued success of eBay’s global brand. As a consultant, Italy has leveraged his tech knowledge for startups and new companies, offering mentorship and insight into everything from technology expertise to the next investment move.

Driving Technological Excellence

At Wisedocs, Itay is ready to use his extensive knowledge of technology, including AI, and Machine Learning, to innovate and drive strategic growth. Combined with his 20 years of experience as an engineering leader, Itay is poised to bring technological robustness – and a stellar engineering team – that will take the Wisedocs mission to its next level. Bringing Itay onto the team is the next step following Wisedocs’ successful oversubscribed Series A round. His appointment is part of a broader move to accelerate growth and refine the Wisedocs platform to reshape the future of claims

With AI poised to contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030, there has never been a better time to welcome Itay into the fold as CTO.  

Founder Support for Mishan’s Lead as CTO

“We are delighted to welcome someone with Itay’s level of experience to our executive team,” says Co-Founder & CEO Connor Atchinson. “It takes more than just a stellar leader to build a team. We believe in blending AI with other solutions, enhancing the potential of AI to operate alongside human capabilities. Itay’s extensive experience and visionary approach to leading engineering teams will be instrumental into taking the Wisedocs vision to the next stage.”

Itay relocated to Canada in 2015. Originally from Israel, Itay is a family man with a spouse and two children. He is passionate about AI and Machine Learning, and is excited to be part of making a difference in the claims field. With Itay at the helm as CTO, Wisedocs is poised to reach new heights in 2024: blending innovative thinking with a strong mission for making a difference in the claims ecosystem.

Kristen Campbell
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Kristen is the co-founder and Director of Content at Skeleton Krew, a B2B marketing agency focused on growth in tech, software, and statups. She has written for a wide variety of companies in the fields of healthcare, banking, and technology. In her spare time, she enjoys writing stories, reading stories, and going on long walks (to think about her stories).

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