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Wisedocs hires Michelle Mabee to accelerate Wisedocs' Customer Success

Michelle joins us in this new position to lead our customer success team in optimizing our client’s journey at Wisedocs.

Published on:
March 6, 2023

At Wisedocs we’re building a stellar team and we’re proud to introduce our newest team members who are making a huge impact. Today, we will meet Michelle Mabee, our Director of Customer Success. Michelle joins us in this new position to lead our customer success team in optimizing our client’s journey at Wisedocs. From a background in various fields, Michelle has shown great leadership in the industry and values providing exceptional customer experience to our clients to ensure their onboarding is as seamless as possible. We are excited to have Michelle on board and are looking forward to all she achieves here at Wisedocs. 

Let’s get to know Michelle Mabee, Wisedocs' amazing Director of Customer Success!  

With a background in Recreation Leadership and Human Resources Management, Michelle has tried her hand, and succeeded, in all aspects of customer experience and management across various fields. Starting out in the fitness industry, and quickly transitioning to a Campus Recruiter at Blackberry, Michelle seized the opportunity and took on leadership roles within the customer support team. It was here that she gained insight into the impact she could make in customers' success. 

“I would describe my career as a cool obstacle course vs planned upward climb. It has been achieved by building strong relationships, focusing on key priorities, always being open to new projects and roles that come my way. I also have worked with the philosophy of understanding what makes me unique and finding projects and works where I can utilize them.” 

“What I learned is that although my education and experience wasn’t in a technical field, the leadership skills, knowledge and the value I placed on understanding customer’s needs was extremely transferable in a technical environment.” 

What makes you most excited about Wisedocs? 

“I am excited to work with so many intelligent, talented and passionate people who are committed to the mission and the work.  Everyone has been very welcoming, generous with their time to share ideas, and partnered together to solve our biggest business opportunities. That is how we show up and win for our customers!  The other exciting thing for me, is that Wisedocs is a positive disruptor in a mature industry.  This disruption not only helps our customers but also helps the person in the heart of the claim.”  

We focus on connection here at Wisedocs and we give our team every opportunity to work together to be more engaged and productive as a team! We ensure that at Wisedocs we leave lots of time to meet in person, for both work and fun, such as our recent three day offsite

“As for the perks at Wisedocs, there are so many. For now, I will say it is the amazing Customer Success team that I get to be a part of.  Everyone is extremely dedicated to learning, growing, and exceeding our customer expectations, whether that be spending the time writing the user case for a product feature enhancement a customer has requested, staying a wee bit late to ensure a quality document is delivered on time, to hoping on a call with a customer who has a question about a new feature.  I have yet to hear, “that isn’t my job” and that is not the case everywhere.” 

What are some exciting challenges you’re working through at Wisedocs? 

“Honestly there hasn’t been too many surprises as those I met throughout the interview process were transparent about the amazing culture, and the opportunities that lie ahead.  If I had to think of a challenge, it would be that as the first Director of Customer Success there are a variety of balls to juggle from working on operations, strengthening the onboarding journey, leadership development and overall, the customer experience.  Saying that, I wouldn’t want it any other way.  I love all of this work and focusing on only one would make life boring.   

I think like most companies there is the balance of building the infrastructure & technology stack, and processes to gain the efficiencies and make things better for our employees and our customers.” 

We know that customer success is a game-changer, especially in SaaS companies like Wisedocs. A recent report from pwc indicated that 71% of Americans prefer to interact with a human rather than a chatbot or automated process. Giving clients the ability to build human relationships, trust, and elevate the customer experience is what sets us apart from others.  

Give us a day in the life of Director of Customer Success: what’s your 9-5? 

“No day is the same, and I love that.  Typically, I start my day reviewing the team performance, looking at what is in the queue to ensure we achieve our customer’s expectations.  Then I look to prepare for any meetings, reviewing notes for upcoming customer conversations.  Outside of that, I look forward to time with the Customer Success leadership team, working on our strategic OKRs and meeting with cross-functional team members so we can move our initiatives forward.”  

Why do you think a Director of Customer Success is so important at a company like Wisedocs? 

“I am extremely proud to work for a company who has invested heavily into Customer Success this early in the game.  Wisedocs cares greatly for our customers and having people who are committed to fostering those relationships, focusing on their strategic goals and proactively partner to create and deliver service offerings that help to achieve them. We are in a growth stage and having dedicated teams who support our customer’s journey from onboarding, adoption, escalation resolution, growing their business with us to advocacy, is key to everyone’s success.”

Wisedocs cares deeply about our clients and we know that a customer’s decision to stay loyal doesn’t come from a single interaction, but from their entire experience with your company. We believe in putting our client’s needs first to increase their usability and gain insight on their product experience. We know that customer success is everyone’s responsibility, and our entire customer success leadership team strives to support our client base. 

What part of the Wisedocs are you most proud to have worked on, to date? What is your biggest achievement you celebrate here? 

“Being just over 30 days into the role, I am proud of the partnerships I have built cross-functionally and the conversation we have to assess how we work and what can be done to optimize it.  Currently I am focused on evolving our customer onboarding journey ensuring it meets the needs of a variety of customers, working with the CS leaders to optimize our classifications so our machine learning can pick up more documents and sort them to our customer’s needs, and defining what exceptional performance looks like within our team so we can continue to recognize and promote people within Wisedocs.”   

Here at Wisedocs we know that employee success goes hand in hand with customer success, and that’s why we are always striving to increase our employee success and engagement. It’s been shown that organizations with a higher employee engagement rate saw a 10% increase in customer loyalty and an 18% increase in productivity

Take your next career step with Wisedocs 

Michelle is just one of the bright individuals that has chosen to build their career at Wisedocs. If you want to make a big impact on shaping the industry of intelligent document processing, we encourage you to apply for open roles in insurtech through  the Wisedocs careers page. We are always looking for great people to join our team!

Amy Mingopoulos
Marketing Coordinator

Amy Mingopoulos is the marketing coordinator at Wisedocs based in Toronto. She has worked in a wide variety of companies in the fields of healthcare, fitness, and technology. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, cooking, and visiting new restaurants in the city.

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