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Independent Medical Examiners and Third-Party Assessment Firms in Canada for Insurance Claims

In Canada, Independent Medical Examiners and Third-Party Assessment Firms serve as impartial evaluators offering critical insights into individuals’ medical conditions. We’ve compiled a list of IME and Third-Party Assessment Firms across Canada to assist in making an informed decision for an insurance claim.

Published on:
April 1, 2024

In Canada, Independent Medical Examiners and Third-Party Assessment Firms serve as impartial evaluators, offering critical insights into individuals’ medical conditions, treatment outcomes, and disabilities in the healthcare and insurance industries. As the need for objective assessments rises, understanding the importance of Independent Medical Exams (IMEs) and reviews as part of an insurance claim is paramount. These companies operate with distinct methodologies, regulations, and specialties, illuminating the intersection of healthcare, law, and professionalism in Canada’s medico-legal landscape. We’ve compiled a list of IME and Third-Party Assessment Firms across Canada to assist in making an informative decision for an insurance claim.

SOMA Medical Assessments Corp.

Based in Vaughan, Ontario, SOMA offers comprehensive IME services conducted by experienced assessors at centralized facilities. They handle all aspects of the process, including report management, client communication, and logistical support like transportation and interpreters. Conducted by qualified physicians and allied professionals, their IMEs objectively assess injuries with detailed reports addressing diagnosis and treatment questions with a streamlined approach.


AssessMed is a trusted Canada-wide provider of IMEs, delivering objective assessments by highly qualified healthcare professionals with a commitment to customer service and timely reporting. Providing 30 years of services from offices in Ottawa, Toronto, London, Hamilton, Mississauga, Montreal, Quebec City, St. John’s, Edmonton, and Vancouver, AssessMed collaborates with expert clinicians for unbiased, evidence-based evaluations and reports. 

TriMedical Occupational & Medical Assessments

TriMedical, led by Dr. Smit and his team of professionals, specializes in comprehensive medical assessments and reporting for clients in the legal, insurance, employer, and patient sectors. Their services cater to various industries facilitated by skilled physicians and their healthcare partners, such as specialists, therapists, and psychologists. 

Synoptic Medical Assessments

Synoptic Medical is a physician-owned company managed by healthcare professionals and experienced business managers across Canada with offices in Vancouver, Surrey, Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, and St.John’s. With IMEs being vital for insurance claims, legal disputes, and employee-related injuries, Synoptic Medical offers unbiased evaluations by doctors not involved in patient treatment.

Footbridge Centre for Integrated Orthopaedic Care

Situated in downtown Vancouver, Footbridge Centre for Integrated Orthopaedic Care offers in-house IMEs and expert reports and opinions in orthopaedic, surgical, and functional assessments. Unlike standalone assessment firms, Footbridge operates within a medical clinic, providing direct access to practicing physicians who seamlessly integrate IME work into their practice. 

CBI Health

CBI Health has a national network of over 13K healthcare professionals, striving to innovate services for enhanced client recovery and support. Through their IMEs, they offer comprehensive, objective assessments to aid in the claims process and facilitate client recovery and restoration of daily functioning. Their providers offer single and multidisciplinary evaluations, often accompanied by Functional Abilities Evaluations, to provide the necessary independent opinions for progress.

West Coast Psychological Services (WCPS)

WCPS specializes in providing meticulous assessments crucial for legal cases and scenarios with potential litigation. Collaborating with insurance carriers, disability management agencies, unions, and law firms, WCPS offers IMEs and medical-legal assessments across British Columbia and Canada, catering to diverse individuals, from workers to high level professionals in sensitive roles. 

Ducore Expertise

Ducore Expertise offers comprehensive IME services nationwide, supported by in-house physicians across Quebec. Founded in 2013, Ducore Health Group has expanded its offerings over the years, including pre-employment exams, psychiatric services, and general practitioner services, with geographic expansions and strategic partnerships to enhance accessibility and expertise.

Final Thoughts

Navigating Independent Medical Examiners and Third-Party Assessment Firms across Canada requires careful consideration and research. Whether seeking clarity in legal matters, insurance claims, or personal injury cases, these professionals provide unbiased assessments and expert opinions. By understanding their roles and qualifications, individuals can make informed decisions to ensure fair and equitable outcomes in matters of health and well-being.

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