Wisedocs Emerges from Stealth

September 10, 2021

Toronto, Canada - Wisedocs has emerged from stealth with seed round funding from Ripple Ventures, Blue Sky Equities, Halo Health, and several strategic healthcare executives. Wisedocs (previously known as Bear Health Technologies) has been building an artificial intelligence platform over the last 24 months, and has processed over 7.5 million medical files to date. The company is automating one of the biggest problems in healthcare. Manually processing and analyzing a medical record is laborious and can take hours, and sometimes days.

The power of Wisedocs lies in its ability to live under any type of medical platform, organize, and analyze a broad array of document types and data structures, as well as customize the desired output. During the COVID-19 pandemic they helped Medical Examiners navigate health data to deliver better outcomes, optimize margins, and digitize workflows. Their announcement today includes a new platform, new clients, and the ability to serve new markets like medical file review, billing, coding, and vaccine verification.

“As a proud supporter and customer of Wisedocs, HVE Healthcare Assessments has been able to reap significant benefits daily. We have been a customer for two years and we use Wisedocs technology to efficiently process documents and enhance the defensibility of our services. As a trusted partner Wisedocs understands our business and routinely works with us to solve new problems and challenges,” says Micah Vernon, Vice President, HVE Healthcare Assessments.

“‘Reading’ natural language in computing is more complicated than most people think in the healthcare industry,” says Matt Cohen, Founder and Managing Partner of Ripple Ventures. “There are many specific terms and nuances when it comes to medical records, especially when it covers 20 plus years of a patient's medical history. Wisedocs’ technology can offer faster and more accurate insights.”

“There is huge potential for the global healthcare industry to leverage AI,” said Connor Atchison, CEO & Founder of Wisedocs. “We have created a seamless solution for healthcare organizations to instantly make sense of their medical data, and we continue to develop innovative solutions to tackle the disparate data problems in the medical industry. Examples of these advanced solutions such as vaccination validation are helping re-open cities and economies faster and safer. It is all now possible with AI, and we feel fortunate to be at the forefront and contributing to that process with our clients.”