Processing Documents in Hours, not Days

Processing case files and raw medical records can be a painful, time-consuming process. Don’t let it slow down your business.
Hundreds of
pages an hour
With Wisedocs you can reduce the time it takes to process case files by over 80%. AI can process over 750 pages of medical records and other documents an hour.
Data from documentation
Spend less time sorting, organizing, and understanding the case files you receive, and more time on insights generation and case intelligence.
Value extraction
From chronology to case summary, Wisedocs is working towards a future of Insurance analytics that can help you lead.
Duplicate documents
As much as 30% of every case can be duplicated documents, a huge waste of processor time.
Automated de-duplication
Wisedocs can de-duplicate the case files and irrelevant information in any uploaded file. You can ignore duplicated files, remove them, or leave them - your choice!

DocList, de-duplication, and multi-format upload

Wisedocs has the features your need to scale your IME business without negatively impacting headcount, bottom-line growth, or time-to-fulfillment

Multi-format upload
Wisedocs Case Files can be uploaded as documents or images in a variety of popular formats, all with exceptional performance
Save your team hours of processing as we identify and isolate duplicated pages across the entire case for you to flag, deprecate, or ignore
Create an automatic index of your document, including pagination, in just seconds
Doc Export Hyperlinks
Format exports according to your needs, and benefit from logical hyperlinking in-document, saving you time on searches and scrolling

Case Studies

See how Wisedocs has made IME companies more efficient and scalable with intelligent document processing automation

When the pandemic struck, HVE found they needed to find some efficiencies as they went paperless and remote - like so many leading organisations did.

Wisedocs has transformed the way they do business during the pandemic. It allowed them to scale their business. Learn more about automation and how we can help.
Cost reduction
Hours saved annually
Accuracy rating
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"Wisedocs has transformed the way we do business during the pandemic. It allows us to scale our business. We are heavily invested in this process, and in Wisedocs' success."
Brian LeDrew
President, HVE Healthcare Assessment
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