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How HVE Healthcare Assessments supports a 90% remote workforce and a 100% paperless workflow using Wisedocs

Electronic document processing with Wisedocs has transformed the way HVE Healthcare Assessments does business during and post-pandemic

Published on:
July 25, 2022

HVE Healthcare Assessments is one of the few independently owned and operated service providers within the Independent Medical Evaluations (IME) industry and has been under the same leadership since 1994. HVE Healthcare Assessments and its leadership team have always embraced the human component to medical evaluations, adopting a client-centric philosophy focused on understanding and respecting the person behind every case.

Wisedocs has transformed the way HVE Healthcare Assessments handled their medical evaluations through organizing & mining medical records electronically to produce high quality medical evaluations during the pandemic. Not only does Wisedocs reduce inefficiencies and increase productivity within the medical evaluation process, but it has also allowed them to support a 90% remote workforce by transforming the job of compiling medical evaluations into one that is 100% paperless.

Improper medical records management has consequences for claimants and medical practices

The manual nature of compiling medical records isn’t specific to just the independent medical evaluations industry. Medical records management is a critical and necessary function that still poses many risks to patients, health care practitioners, and practices, if handled improperly. The lack of organized medical records can pose a legal threat, not to mention also negatively affect the reputation of a business in the eyes of the patient, who could face life-changing or life-threatening consequences as a result of difficult to access medical records. The costs compound over time through drops in productivity, a duplication of efforts, and higher billing costs as a result of poorly organized records. 

HVE Healthcare Assessments relies on electronic records

Prior to using Wisedocs, HVE Healthcare Assessments faced inefficiencies throughout the process of compiling medical documents from clients and medical assessors. Not only did it invest in office space, printers, shredders, and paper to support the then paper-backed medical evaluations process, but it also in turn supported a manual-process that was difficult to scale and susceptible to human error. 

Moreover, with the threat of the pandemic looming, the need for greater efficiency and consistent, high-quality work was larger than ever for businesses like HVE Healthcare Assessments. Compiling medical evaluations by printing, organizing, scanning, and shredding was no longer an option, especially not an efficient, convenient, or compliant one – working from home and staying HIPAA compliant do not fit hand-in-glove.

100% of HVE Healthcare Assessments’ for medical records go through Wisedocs

Employees at HVE Healthcare Assessments are no longer required to do the majority of manual work when creating medical evaluations. While it is common for medical assessments to be canceled days prior to their scheduled date, Wisedocs’ fee structure allows HVE Healthcare Assessments to avoid charges they would face otherwise due to last-minute cancellations. Wisedocs platform allows employees access  at their convenience, and without a financial penalty for changes out of the IME’s control.  

Moreover, among the extensive list of benefits when using Wisedocs’ document processing, HVE Healthcare Assessments’ most beloved feature is the Wisedocs platform’s ability to create multiple versions of complete document lists, tailored to an evaluator's needs. This feature saves medical assessors time that would otherwise be spent going page by page, through previously reviewed documents in order to get to medical information specific to the medical assessor’s expertise. The user-friendly interface, developed with IMEs in mind, gives one the ability to reorganize documents off of a ‘master’ version in a matter of minutes – saving employees an enormous amount of time. 

Moreover, as one employee from HVE Healthcare Assessments mentions, ‘using Wisedocs made it easier to amalgamate briefs from the client and assessor and create a medical brief that is tabbed, hyperlinked and searchable (versus scanning pages/reordering pages manually)’ – making the process of finding the right information so much easier, and quicker for all parties involved in reviewing medical evaluations. 

Wisedocs supports HVE Healthcare Assessments scale their business, allowing their 90% remote workforce to operate a 100% electronic workflow, to yield consistently high-quality results

The shift to a fully-remote, or hybrid work model is not going anywhere post pandemic, and as a result, medical evaluation firms like HVE Healthcare Assessments can’t go back to compiling medical assessments the manual way – nor should they. With the benefits of yielding higher quality evaluations with fewer mistakes, electronic document processing for medical evaluations is the path forward. They save IMEs time as well as money, not to mention also promote employee well-being by automating monotonous tasks, and freeing workers up for more mentally stimulating tasks. Employees at HVE Healthcare Assessments view Wisedocs as a way to scale their business, and have heavily invested in the platform to ensure they achieve business goals. In the long-term, Wisedocs would allow them to save on facility costs, not to mention all other costs related to manually processing documents, as well as enabling their employees to work remotely. 

Can your IME firm enable your employees to work from home and benefit from electronic document processing?

[We] would not be in business if [we] couldn't have electronic records. We have transformed the way they do business during a pandemic [with Wisedocs]” - HVE team

If you're interested in seeing the same strategic gains for your business, contact the Wisedocs team to get a demo.

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