Wisedocs Added to Federal Trade Commissioner Service COVID-19 Capabilities Directory

September 14, 2021

Toronto, ON - Wisedocs (www.wisedocs.ai) has been approved as a Federal Trade Commission COVID-19 Capability, for use in international efforts against the pandemic.

Wisedocs is a leading provider of intelligent document processing for the medical and med-legal sectors in Canada and abroad. It's unique product can serve customers intending to complete the scalable, automated verification of COVID-19 antigen tests, RT-LAMP tests, and international vaccine certificates, at great speed and better accuracy than human document review.

The company's cloud-based, SaaS platform is an OCR (optical character recognition) AI for tagging, de-duplicating, sorting, and indexing medical documents, including complete patient profiles and diagnostic tests, and it is specialised for use in Assessments by IME (Independent Medical Evaluation) vendors, and verifying diagnostic tests like rapid antigen COVID tests and vaccine passports.

Wisedocs has engaged with initiatives in both the United States and United Kingdom to embed this technology in official apps that enable the re-opening of state, national, and private economies.


About Wisedocs

Wisedocs is an intelligent document processing AI for the medical sector. It allows medical records and other data to be processed in real time, with advanced customizable machine learning outputs. Founded in 2018, Wisedocs is at the forefront of AI-enabled optical character recognition and its platform is trained to organise and understand unstructured medical data for the IME, diagnostics, medico-legal, and insurance industries.

For more information please contact:

Jonathan Holtby
+44 (0) 7508 080295